Why Padie?


Did you realize that 90% of our sanitary pads are composed of plastic? That’s extremely carcinogenic and harmful to our body.. exposing the most sensitive and permeable area to a host of chemicals! We all have that experience of wearing plastic-based sanitary pads for too long and it gets quite uncomfortable. 

Conventional pads use a polyethylene plastic back sheet as a barrier film which remains unchanged in the landfill for 500 years after disposal. These plastics in sanitary pads are made from non-renewable fossil fuels that contribute to global warming. Disposal of plastic pad waste causes land and water pollution while incinerating these pads releases toxic pollutants. On average, we use around 10,000 sanitary napkins in our lifetime. Most pads contain approximately 3.5g of petrochemical plastic and every pad is releasing approximately 21g of carbon dioxide in the process.

Naturally Powerful Solution

We came up with a 7-layer design to take care of our bodies, our planets and our problems. Corn fibers provide ultimate softness and are well known as a highly absorbent plant fiber, not to mention they are anti-bacterial! They are sustainable, biodegradable and compostable alternatives to plastic.

Biodegradable is defined as being capable of being broken down (decomposed) rapidly by the action of micro-organisms. Most of the things we see are degradable, but the length of degradation time may vary from less than one year to thousands of years depending on the product.

Padie degrades in 180 days - designed to break down fast! *

* When processed by a professionally managed composting facility. We don’t recommend composting at home due to possible micro-biological contamination.

Earth-friendly Packaging

We use corn fiber biofilm for our inner packaging and recyclable cardboard box for our outer packaging. It's very important that our pads are kept nice and dry and hygienically sealed all ready for you! The cardboard box protects Padie from moisture and humidity, is physically strong and provides shelf life for the product.